Measuring human behavior.

/ mission

As humanity is consumed by software, screens and sensors, we are demonstrating in production that it is now possible to collect and objectively analyze high-fidelity user behavior data at a scale never before seen. By enabling an unparalleled level of experience detail and cross-platform support, experience design developers can now unlock and respond to entirely new, contextual insights.

/ specs

EASE is the experience analytics intelligence engine designed from the ground up to drastically improve bi-directional, real time reactivity and evolution of immersive VAM (virtual-augmented-mixed) reality apps and IoT environments — through behavior, sensors and AI.

Bleeding edge experience developers and Fortune 500 companies use EASE to build and capture revolutionary experiences that learn and grow through natural, social human work, rest and play.

EASE-powered applications support various, diverse enterprise and consumer solutions for entertainment, gaming, education, training, sports, retail, health, social, hospitality, research and transportation.

Flow rich experiential data in minutes.

Our EASE Marker technologies make it dead simple for developers to craft the best user experiences — no code required.

The DVR for user experience.

By using our cross-platform EASE SDK, you can capture and visualize temporal pose, sensor and marker data for contextual session playback. Understand where users are engaging most, in-aggregate and by cohort/segment and individual user. This enables understanding of deep object (e.g. what did someone look at) and user interactions. Automate response to realtime engagement, common behavioral patterns and cross-platform performance issues that result in poor user experiences.

Plug-and-play all the things.

The EASE SDK supports a growing number of sensors and input devices. Interface modules enable building of custom dashboards that are just right for you and your team. Our public services and APIs provide streaming IO to data that can be used to power new apps and experiences and experience augmentation, post-deployment.

Cast a wide, deep user net.

We currently support rapid, low-friction SDK integration with Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4, with CryEngine support coming soon. Our no-frills library SDKs are designed for native clients written in C++, C#, Swift, Java and JavaScript.

What about performance?

We are not a traditional analytics service. EASE can be used as a powerful extension to existing, stable and secure, battle-tested apps and services like keen.io, Mixpanel, Flurry, Google Analytics, Amplitude and Localytics. Our common flows and UIs can be customized to suit any persona.

/ core team + advisory

Prithvi Kandanda
Fred Spencer
Michael Geary
Jeremey Bailenson
Stanford, STRIVR
Shiraz Akmal
Karl Krantz
Heather Rafter
RafterMarsh US, Sixense
Gamiel Gran
Marta Bulaich
Canaan Partners
Erica Warp
Marshall Culpepper
Kubos Corp

/ getting started

We are working closely with Fortune 500 companies, universities and high-impact verticals. If you would like to learn how EASE can help lift your modern digital projects to the next level, please contact us below.

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